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squared idsquared cjk unified ideograph-7a7asquared cjk unified ideograph-5272squared cjk unified ideograph-6709squared cjk unified ideograph-7121squared cjk unified ideograph-7533squared cjk unified ideograph-55b6squared cjk unified ideograph-6708squared vssquared cjk unified ideograph-5408squared cjk unified ideograph-6e80squared cjk unified ideograph-7981negative squared latin capital letter anegative squared latin capital letter bnegative squared absquared clnegative squared latin capital letter osquared sossquared cjk unified ideograph-6307negative squared cross marksquared katakana sanegative squared latin capital letter psquared katakana kokosquared ngsquared oksquared up with exclamation marksquared coolsquared newsquared freeblack square for stopblack small squarewhite small squareblack large squarewhite large squareblack medium squarewhite medium squareblack medium small squarewhite medium small squareblack square buttonwhite square button

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